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Discover nomads through biking & rafting tour

This trip is definitely one of the most adventurous tour that you can explore within 3 days in Mongolia. In this tour you will cha

milking horse

The Nomads’ Tradition

Experience the real Nomadic lifestyle! While discovering Mongolia, enjoy 2 days with the nomads. During the days you spend time wi

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Horse riding in the Steppe

Enjoy the horseback riding and Mongolian nomad lifestyle with us. Length: 1night / 2days Tour starting: Everyday (more…

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Treasures of Mongolia

This tour takes you through the Great Gobi desert, exploring some of the most remarkable and untouched parts of the globe where si

khara khorum

Contrasts of Mongolia

A trip offers many of the highlights of Mongolia. You will enjoy the legendary Gobi desert, first and biggest Mongolian Buddhist m